The Guests and Staff Conserve Water at the Bridge Street Inn

02/15/2014 08:56

THE CCSD LETTER: "Effective March 1, 2014 the CCSD is implementing the following mandatory conservation measures.  From January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013 your average water use was 31 units.  Your allotment is 80% of your average monthly water usage.  This amount is 25 units. A five hundred percent surcharge (first violation) shall apply to all water use in excess of customer unit allotment." 


The Bridge Street Inn staff and guests are doing what we can to make Cambria a less thirsty, spotlessly clean car driving, and manicured rose colored yard town.  The photo blog documents what the BSI implemented in Jan and Feb 2014 to conserve water.  The last two blogs document what the BSI implemented before 2014 to conserve water.


 drought baby

Unlike the above child we created this water situation. I hope my offspring won't become a waterless dehydrated model.  These fliers are posted in the bathrooms and kitchen.


shower water catchment

Collect the cold water.


kitchen sink

Biodegradable soap allows us to use dish water on the draught tolerant landscape.


water storage

We store the kitchen sink water and cold water from the shower in these containers.


low flow shower head


Low flow shower head.


trash cans

By any means necessary when it come to collecting rain water.


small towels

No longer use the large type of bath towels shown in the photo. Small towels use less water to wash.

Happy Guests, Dirty Sheets, and Greywater grow delicious Apples at The Bridge Street Inn

Intern Amanda turns home grown apples into delicious apple sauce[/caption] At the Bridge Street Inn guest, Fransico De Lovely, longly eyes the apple in his hand.  "These homegrown apples are crisp like your line dried sheets.  Every bite I take makes me pat my belly in joy.  My belly has loved the company of many an apple raised on worm castings, garden compost, the shit from a goat, warm sun rays, and the most pure spring waters.  Never have I tasted an apple quite as delicious as the one I hold in my hand. I reply, "There are 3 elements missing from the above apple growing ingredients.  They are happy guests,  dirty sheets, and  greywater. 

Happy Guest


Clean sheets need a happy guest


The wash machine produces greywater from the dirty sheets.[/caption] After a happy guest checks out of The Bridge Street Inn by 10:30AM I strip their bed then put the sheets into the wash machine.  When the sheets have gone through the wash cycle the biodegradable soap and dirty water exit. The greywater flows through pipes that lead to the underground root system of the apple tree.  The now damp clean sheets are line dried and the process starts over again." 



The simple pleasure of folding crisp line dried linens[/caption] Fransico De Lovely looks at his clean toe nails and strokes his well trimmed mustache he sighs, "I notice several beds are unoccupied.  Sadly, I'm only dirty enough to dirty one bed per night.  What's going to happen to her?"  As he points towards the apple tree. 



Apple tree growing in the greywater garden[/caption] "Friend, cheer up!"  I say,  "The apple tree loves the frosty nights and warm sandal wearing days.  Life at The Bridge Street Inn has a healthy ebb and flow that coincides with the seasons.  As the tourist season slows into the colder months the winter rains replace the greywater system.  Our apple tree has found a balance between what nature and happy guests can provide." Happy guests + dirty sheets + greywater + nature = delicious healthy apples

What Guests wash their Hands with Toilet Water?


Aimee Wyatt explains the Bridge Street Inn’s approaches to water conservation, including directions on how to make a lid sink. Here's the link.  LID SINK VIDEO.  For further lid sink instructions check out Bridge Street Inn guest Stephanie Croff's amazing lid sink story.