Sustainability Pledge

We have been committed to maintaining and promoting a sustainable environment here at the Bridge Street Inn and in our local and global communities long before the massive California drought began 3 years ago. We have been able to achieve sustainability in conjunction with providing a comfortable and charming atmosphere at a reasonable price. Our imperfectly charming 115-year-old house exemplifies this belief that charming surroundings can easily be had by making do with simple things.
We strive to minimize use of resources, use least impacting products, recycle/reuse our waste products and positively contribute to our community. Please join us – we’d love to talk about putting beliefs into action and get your feedback as we continue to experiment. Many ideas have been successfully utilized and new ones are always welcome.
We use the following eco-friendly practices:
New! Electric vehicle charging station available for guests as of January 2016.
Minimize Use Of Resources:
Line dried laundry
No stay-over room cleaning
Old house, old carpets & old stuff
Owner & interns clean, maintain & garden (no special service contractors)
Chemical-free yard landscaping
Energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs and appliances
Bike, walk or carpool for errands and supply purchase and now use all Electric Vehicle, charged by power from on-site solar panels. 
Minimal use of disposables (we don't provide paper towels or napkins)
Laundry water for yard irrigation
Lid sinks-toilets: Clean water for hand washing becomes grey water for flushing
Compost food scraps and yard waste
Recycle cans, bottles, jars & paper
Minimally Impacting Products:
Travel-size towels
Lid sinks
Biodegradable soaps & detergents
Non-toxic cleaning products
Local produce and flowers, from our garden and/or local Wise Acre Farm
Help Us By:
Bringing & reusing your own towels when possible (we recommend travel towels)
Minimize use of wintertime heating (Bring warm clothes & bundle up)
Keep showers short
Turn off water taps when water isn't being used
Community Membership/Contributions/Links:

Adventure Cycling

GreenSpace The Cambria Land Trust

Idaho Conservation League

KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle


Nature Conservancy

AK Press


Earth First!