A Walk To Moonstone Beach – From the hostel and through the forest to visit the beach and west village.

1-The clearing and the fence you climb under
 2- The trail throught the woods
3-The gate at the end of the trail
4-Weymouth Street
5-Moonstone Beach I
6-Moonstone Beach II
7-The boardwalk to the West Village
8-The West Village
9 -he Tap Room, refreshment


1. Step out of the hostel and take the track on the opposite side of the road slightly to the left (Wall Street).

2. Walk around the bend to the clearing on the right and nip under the fence.

3. Follow the trail up through the woods and stay on this path. Don't be tempted to stay on any of the other paths to the left or right now...stay on this trail!

4. Eventually the path you have not veered from will ease around to the left and to a gate. Climb over the gate.

5. Now walk straight down Weymouth Street. It's all down hill to the highway.

6. Cross the highway, walk straight to the ocean. You have now arrived to Moonstone beach.

7. Explore the beach and enjoy the views.

8. Walk to the West Village by following the boardwalks, walking south or to your left as you face the ocean.

9. Cross the highway once again at the traffic lights to reach the West Village.

10. Enjoy the amenities here, maybe a beer in the Tap Room?

11. Walk back along Main Street up to the East Village and back to the hostel.