Buckeye Trail


Buckeye Camp Trail - A hike up at Big Sur for amazing views of the stunning coastline. Take provisions to enjoy a luncheon at the famous Buckeye Camp picnic bench. (6 miles round trip, allow 4 hrs for hiking).

1 Cars parked on the highway bend and trail sign


2 The trail sign at the side of the highway
3 The trail sign at the intersection


4 The vegetation
5 The trail as it levels out


6 The camp
7 The trail sign at the side of the highway

8 Refreshment at Treebones

1. Drive north on route 1 (The Pacific Coast Highway) for approximately 45 minutes. Watch out for the hairpin bends with cars parked at them. Salmon Creek Falls is the first trail of this kind with a brown trail sign on the bend by the road. Buckeye is a few minutes and miles further along route 1. Again watch out for the hairpin bend with a brown trail head sign on it. There may be a car or two here as well.

2. Follow the trail up through the woods and into the open until you reach a trail intersection. You'll see here another sign for the Buckeye Trail.

3. Follow the trail up the hillside that winds its way up through interesting indigenous vegetation and offering exceptional views of the coastline north and south.

4. The trail levels off after traversing the hillside before a slight descent to the camp clearing. Enjoy some time here climbing the big tree, assessing the camps characteristics and enjoying your finely selected edible provisions. Hope you remembered the mustard.

5. Descend by the same route back to your vehicle.

6. (Optional) Drive north (less than 10 minutes) to Treebones Resort and grab a well deserved beverage from the fridge to enjoy the views of the ocean from the decking, you deserve it! They do a great beet salad here if you make it before 2pm.