San Simeon to Cambria Coastal Walk (use the bus one way)

Cambrian and San Simeon Coast – A 6 mile (3 to 4 hours) one way walk along the dramatic local coastline. (Check the low tide and bus times, my bus arrived at San Simeon one hour before low tide, perfect for this walk).

1-The bus stop at Burton Street, northbound near the corner of Main Street


2 Get off at San Simeon town
3 San Simeon beach


4-The rockpools 


6-The cliffs
7-Centrally Grown (check for hours)


8-Cambria comes into view
9-The steps at Moonstone Beach


10- The boardwalk back to the West Village
11-The farmers market on Fridays

1.      Take bus No.15 northbound on Burton Street (see schedule on google transit or

2.      Get off the bus at Castillo and Otter in San Simeon town. Continue walking north to get to the highway crossing.

3.      Start walking south at San Simeon beach

4.      Enjoy watching the birdlife and looking for sea life in the rockpools.

5.       Take a break at Centrally Grown – deli, market, café, bar, landscaped gardens. Don’t stay too long, remember the tide! Take the first steps                 after San Simeon Creek past the highway bridge you can see from the beach.

6.      Continue on until you reach Moonstone Beach, leave the beach at either of the next two set of steps you come across. Continue to the later set            of steps if you want to continue walking on the beach.

7.      Climb the steps upto the boardwalk. Follow the boardwalk back towards the West Village.

8.      Cross the highway and walk up Main Street to the Farmers Market (Fridays 2.30pm to 5pm)

9.      Return to Bridge Street and the hostel by continuing up Main Street.