A SLO Day Out (in San Luis Obispo) - Hiking, cinema and beer!

1 The bus stop on Burton Street (southbound, near the corner of Main & Burton)
2 Cerro San Luis
3 The trail sign on Hill Street
4 Prickly Pears
5 Take the high road
6 Trail sign to the M
7 The M
8 The boulder
9 The view of the sisters
10 The Palm Theatre

11 The Creekside Inn

1. Don't drive, relax, save gas money, be chauffeur driven - take the No.15 bus from Burton Drive. This connects with No. 12 at Morro Bay (you have to change here). Takes approx one hour from Cambria to downtown SLO.

 2. Climb Cerro San Luis, the nearest one of the nine sisters. These are a chain of volcanic hills and peaks stretching from the coast (5 are hikeable, 2 are on private land, 2 are underwater!). Walk south down Palm Street, turn right down Broad, Left on Lincoln, left on Hill Street and walk around the right hand bend in the road.

 To get to the summit;

A) When you reach a sign at the end of a driveway on Hill Street that states - Private Drive, hikers welcome. Walk straight up the driveway past the houses until you reach a gate on your right.
B) By pass the gate, walk past the prickly pears and climb over or under the next gate.
C) Take the left hand higher trail going clockwise around the hill until you reach a sign directing you up to the 'M'.
D) Follow this trail to the 'M' and continue past. The sign says the trail ends but it doesn't, the trail is a little steeper now.
E) When you hit the wider track turn left and pass the boulder.
F) Continue onwards and upwards following the track until you switch back and up to the summit plateau where you will reach 'the stage'.
G) Climb up to the actual summit and enjoy amazing views of SLO, the sisters and beyond.
H) Sensibly return the same way. Or take the loose and hard to find trail straight down through the dry spikey vegetation that will get you but is a short cut!
I) Retrace your steps along the streets to the downtown area.

 3) Go back to Palm Street and to the Palm Theatre to catch an afternoon showing of an Indie movie.

4) Now you'll be ready for a beer. Walk through the historic mission area to the Creekside Brewing Company for an excellent micro brewed IPA beer at 1040 Broad Street.

5) Now you’re ready for the last bus back to Cambria. Chauffer driven!  check schedules at slorta.org. You'll have to transfer in Morro Bay and buses don't run that late (and only 3-5x per day to get back to Cambria).