Valencia Peak Trail - A 4 mile round trip and climb. From the stunning Spooner's Cove at sea level in Montana de Oro State Park near Morro Bay

1 The Trails

2 The start of the trail

3 Beware!

4 A second trail sign along the route

5 The objective
6 The views from the half way point
7 The summit sign

8 The view of Morro Bay from the summit

1.      You need a car (or be a tough cyclist) for this one! Drive through Morro Bay and Los Osos to get to Montana de Oro state park and down the hill through the forest to Spooner's Cave (less than 1 hour or 20 miles driving). Park your car on the left up the gradient beyond the cove. You'll see the brown trail sign close to here.

2.      Take the trail which is only designated for hikers and not cyclists or dogs. But their may be rattlesnakes!

3.      Follow the signs and the trail to the summit at 1347ft for splendid views of Morro Bay and beyond.

4.      After enjoying the 360° views return by the same route or the less steep but sightly longer Oats or Beebe trails.

5.      Check out Spooner's Cove before driving back up to explore Morro Bay on your way back to Cambria.