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When the sun slips below the Pacific and the landscape loses its definition, the stars are still hidden beneath twilight's blanket, it's time to check into the quaint and cozy 110 year old Bridge Street Inn. 

When guests step onto the property the first thing they’ll notice are the gardens.  Guests can enjoy the gardens while cooking up veggies from the local farmers market on the BBQ or in the fully stocked kitchen. Or, enjoy nature watching humming birds take in nectar from the drought tolerant flowers and succulents around the picnic table, relaxing in the comfy lawn chairs, or rocking in the old-time porch swing framed by grape vines.

The human spirit can be as impressive as the Big Sur seashore when guests from around the world start sharing their adventures and art in the common area. The Bridge Street Inn's common room has plenty of thoughtful entertainment, aka non TV fun.  The library has a wide range of literature.  An example of what a guest can find on the book shelf:  Far Side cartoons, Federico Garcia Lorca poetry, The New Yorker magazine, and Revolution from Within by Gloria Steinem.  I’m afraid to say it but yes, the BSI does have high speed internet for the guest who wants to sit in their room and quietly stream South Park.

The Bridge Street Inn social and kitchen areas are closed from 10:30 AM to 5 PM.  We have the same attitude as most of our guests.  We all came to the Central Coast to adventure and not to sit indoors.  At 10:30 AM we tidy up the hostel.  Once the hostel has a clean cozy feel to it we put away the supplies and turn into adventurers.  You will find us catching waves on our stand-up-paddleboards or kayaks, hiking Big Sur, bicycling the Highway 1, eating great local food and working on art -- just like you.  

Anne Wyatt founded the Inn in 1998 and ran it for 14 years. You'll still see her now and again. Aimee Wyatt, periodic fill in, hung up her hat in the city and started full time meeting and greeting work in January 2016. We thank a whole team of wonderful operators over the years, including Brandon, Jan, Marcela, Rachel and interns from around the world who continue to help make this one of the friendliest places you'll ever find (though from my experience, we'd have a hard time outdoing the Kiwi's.. "It's all good. No worries mates."). 

Family owners, Aimee and Anne Wyatt

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