The Bridge Street Inn offers unpaid internships for those eager to learn about starting and managing a successful hostel or bed-and-breakfast.

We seek mature & amicable individuals interested in travel and excited to share their experiences with our guests.  Punctuality is greatly appreciated as we like to keep things running smoothly, but flexibility is also important.

The length of an internship may vary from 3-12 weeks. Interns may assist with aspects of operations, including: check-in, reservations, bookkeeping, marketing, housekeeping, and maintenance and repairs.  And feel free to ask: If you're keen on a particular project we are more than happy to help you pursue it, and even encourage it.  

In fact we strongly urge all interns to add their own 'personal touch' to the BSI during their stay, including (but not limited to) gardening projects, contributing artwork, technical assistance, repainting/remodeling, etc.

In return for room & board we ask that you provide approximately 20-25 hours/week of work.

 For Inquiry: Please check out if you are interested in our program. Tell us about yourself, your travel and hostel experiences, and the time of year and length of internship that you desire.Our program is flexible and we will be happy to work with your special interests.

We look forward to having you here with us!